November 23, 2014

Various Goings On This Fall

Would it be harming the joy of a toddler if we created a new rule:  No licking the paddle until one is out of one's pajamas?
 I bought this inexpensive very soft and toasty blanket which the tot claimed for himself... he now has one of his own. After all, if all it takes is a soft blanket to get back to sleep at 2 am... I'm all for it.  It's a Costco blanket and comes highly recommended by both young and old... and everyone in between.
 Frodo is getting the siding on the lean to. He's doing a great job.
 Frodo has a new puppy! She is solid black except for a little tad of white on her chin and back paws.
 She's a darling little keeper.
 While cutting wood a couple weeks ago, a pack (herd? flock?) of flying squirrels come out of the tree. This one didn't survive.
 They probably more rightly should be called gliding squirrels. What a beautiful creature!

 The abominable snow toddler.
 We've got duo-purpose costuming going on. Not only are they preparing for a Medieval play, the girls who are in the children's choir have been given an invitation to a Madrigal Dinner!  The invitation encourages Renaissance costuming if one desires.  Exciting or what?
 I love this picture!
 When some local road construction was completed there was a man fishing along the bank. But the 2nd time I drove by I noticed it was actually a very, very realistic dummy.  Since, of course, someone turned my artificial friend into a block head. What a pity there are people who can't just enjoy the little things of life.
 Blue Belt testing!
 Friends also graduated to purple and orange belts.
 Frodo and a friend-cousin helped with the day.  Higher belts take longer to gain all the necessary stripes.  Congrats to all!

Congrats to Sam who graduated to blue belt in the night (adult) group.  Great job!

 Hunting Season began yesterday.  If I had been a little quicker with the camera, the picture would have included 2 boys walking down the middle of the road with 5 cats following.

While shopping at a local thrift shop I noticed someone was sporting a deer tail (I think) on his antennae.  Odd.

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