January 1, 2007

First Holy Communion


Frodo made his First Holy Communion on January 1st, 2007 at St. Mary's Oratory. (Happy Birthday Great Aunt Susan!)

I'm the most pathetic cake decorator but I managed to attempt a Chalice with a Host. The Host has the Sacred Heart inside.

These were our party favors. There was a holy card of St. Stephen from Trademark Stationery, some candies in cellophane, tied up with a red ribbon and a card attached to the outside that said:
In Remembrance of my First Holy Communion

January 1, 2007
St. Mary’s Oratory

May the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ preserve my soul unto Life Everlasting. Amen

The sad part is that we had to cancel our pizza party at Rocky's because some of the children have a gloppy cold. We managed to forget our camera for Mass but there happened to be a photographer there (a parishioner) and he took one of Frodo's First Communion so I hope to get a copy of that!

Thank you to Aragorn's family who was able to attend the First Communion and to the lovely choir that sang! And especially thank you to our dear priest and one of the seminarians who served. Please keep them in your prayers.


  1. Congratulations dear Stephen!! You are a handsome soldier for Christ!

  2. Welcome to the Table Stephen! God bless you!

  3. This looks like the perfect Communion day, with the most reverent communicant and the loveliest cake and favors!

    God bless all of you. May Mary, the Mother of God, bless your dear boy always!