January 10, 2007

Tea for Two

I think it's important that in our busy lives as mothers that we also remember our dear husbands and put them first. Because our children are all young we don't get out on dates very often. As a result I adopted "tea for two" as our daily date. Each evening after the children are in bed and the farm chores completed, we have a date, which of course centers around a good conversation and of course food and drink! We aren't tea or coffee drinkers but I came across a recipe last year for Hot Cocoa for Two. It's a must-share. Of course having our own cow makes it extra delicious!
Homemade Hot Cocoa
3 Tbl Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
5 Tbl Sugar
3 Tbl Hot Water
Whisk and bring to a boil
Add in
2 cups milk
Whisk and heat through.

Humor is also an important aspect in every family. My husband and I tend to be a bit bazaar in our humor (Right, Heather from Doodle Acres?!). So for Christmas this year (ok, *last* year) I bought us a pair of mugs from one of our hilarious favorites. Despair, Inc. So each evening we now drink our cocoa in our Pessimist Mugs where the glass gets 1/2 empty.

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  1. Julie:
    Great idea!!! I had to laugh when I read the recipe. I thought it said "Whiskey" instead of "whisk"!!! I think I need more sleep!!! :o)
    Also thanks for linking to me...