January 9, 2007

Recent Read-Alouds

We are currently reading The Story of the Three Kings by John of Hildesheim (Neumann Press Publishers). It's a real treasure. I've had the book for years but just stumbled across it on our shelf on Epiphany.... how appropriate! This is definitely going to be part of our yearly reading from Christmas to Epiphany from here on out!

Since we drive quite a ways for Mass on Sundays we've gotten into books on tape. I could live on the Lord of the Rings back to back continuously for the rest of my life but for the sake of the children...........! In the last month we've started some shorter classics and overall enjoyed them and it's always great for conversations.

By far the most *interesting* and humorous was Phantom Tollbooth We all got a chuckle out of that one. If you enjoy play on words, this is the book for you.

We just finished Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH of which we were all very disappointed when it ended... just like that! We did discover that, although not in audio format, there were 2 sequels written but not by the author. They are due in any day now so hopefully they quench our desire for more.

We started reading a rather bazaar book called Here There be Dragons it's a book that I hope comes out on audio because it has been difficult to read out loud! We are still reading that one.

Black Beauty was another recent read though it was quite sad in a depressing kind of way, poor horses! Our favorite recent read was Where the Red Fern Grows Do NOT forget your tissues for that one. I'm still in love with those puppy dawgs! The children were out the other day and decided they found a Red Fern right here on our property (it wasn't even a fern but a tree.. note to self... work on the names of trees in science...). They were disappointed to find out we don't live in the Ozarks and there aren't going to be any puppies buried underneath. I think they were kind of hoping that Billy just might come around the corner!

We are in the midst of loveable Anne of Green Gables. If you have a favorite or two, do let me know what they are! I still think my 2 favorites (next to Lord of the Rings) are Door in the Wall and Bronze Bow.


  1. A wonderful tape is Heidi (unabridged). As cute as Shirley Temple was, the movies did not do justice to the book and its moral lessons. We too have listened to the Lord of the Rings unabridged on CD and have now started The Hobbit unabridged on CD. They are both wonderful. I just finished reading The Witch on Blackbird Pond (Speare) to the Children (no witchcraft involved). We mourned the end of that book. We are currently reading Johnny Tremain. Thanks for your recommendations!!!

  2. Oh yes! We loved Heidi! Will have to check out the Speare book and Johnny Tremain.

  3. Great review of lots of favorites. Thanks for the heads up on the Three Kings book - it sounds wonderful.