January 6, 2007

Samwise's First Wind Generator

It may seem odd that a 10 year old boy would pick a wind generator as one of his early debuts but...

Because our land is a corner 51 acre "lot" there were no electrical lines when we bought the place... and there still aren't. Unless we wanted to spend a huge bundle cutting down our trees, digging up the neighbor's yard and/or planting electrical poles through our fields (starting price was $25K and if anyone has ever built a house one knows that starting prices do not include everything!), we had to weigh our options heavily. Long story short, in the end, we decided we'd try to make our own electricity.
We run our home with Solar Panels, Wind Generators and a Generator run on used oil from anywhere we can get it... free... like a mexican restraunt, there may be more things to run the house on out there but that's an area that I leave to my dear husband..... and my 10 year old son.
Thomas was given 2 boards to whittle blades for a Wind Generator he was going to build. Daddy scribbled a few black marks here and there and Sam was off to whittle.

Finished blades.

I cannot say for sure exactly how they made this but I did find that a metal band for one of my canning jars was included in their experimenting! I would describe this as the "spinner-ma-jig".

Sam and Daddy assembling. My flash was having issues so I wasn't able to get very good shots.

Blades attached, painted (Sam likes paint!) and ready to whirl.....

A bit low to the ground but it did indeed work. It was spinning quite fast when I took the picture.

Sam and Frodo helping Daddy put more solar panels on a shed they are putting up. You can see in the background the roof of the garage with solar panels on it. We needed more solar panels facing south, not to mention we also needed something to put bikes, lawn mower and gardening things in so this is our latest project.

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