January 6, 2007

Long Awaited House Pictures

Lesa, this one is for you! I am finally getting a few pictures up. We bought our property (51 acres) almost 4 years ago, by the Grace of God, just before our 6th baby was born. We finally moved into our house 3+ years later, just after our 8th baby was born. Time flies... only thing is that building as house isn't fun! It would have been grand if we could have had an endless supply of money, but that doesn't grow on our trees!

Front Entry. Stairs to the left go up to the loft.

Kitchen. Picture on the left (or top) is from up in the loft. Picture on the right (or bottom) is from in the living room area. As you can see it is a very open floor plan.

This is the living room from the other side of the loft.

Girls Bedroom (normally we don't have garland on the beds or stockings in the windows but tis the season!) I guess I forgot to take one of the boys' room. The girls sleep in trundle beds built by my Father-in-Law who actually did alot of the projects in the house. He's very talented. The boys have bunks.

To the right of the kitchen, the hallway leading to the Master Bedroom.

"Family Room" side of the loft taken from the school side of the loft. Also there is an office area as well.

Master Bedroom consists of bedroom, bathroom and loft (you can see the "in progress" stairway on the right). The master loft goes into the area above the garage and above our closet and bathroom. This is where Tom keeps his "stuff" and I keep my scrapbooking and sewing.


  1. Oh my, your home is wonderful!!!
    51 acres - I can't even imagine living on a 1/4 of an acre. May God bless you in your beautiful home.
    Love, Heather

  2. Will you adopt me? No? How about letting us move it? LOL! I LOVE your home!

  3. Julie, It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the trundle bed idea - snitching that!

    Just lovely!



  4. This is such a beautiful home, Julie.

  5. Oh Julie, I am so glad I found your blog! Your house is sooooo beautiful. Just like my dream house would look like. I show it to my dh and he agrees with me. He has the same fascination with wind generator as your husband. If you didn't live so far we would invite ourselves over to share ideas.

  6. Wow, what an incredible, beautiful, perfect home!!! This does not surprise me knowing the gracious mother who dwells in it!