January 21, 2007

Frodo turns 7!

Measuring in at 4 feet tall and 55 pounds, Frodo turned 7 yesterday. He still has the goal of being either a Pope or a "payer guy" (cashier). His favorites at the moment includes Narnia figurines and bugs (*shivver*). I think he also enjoys a side-line job of impish pranks. His birthday food choices were Eggs Benedict, Rocky's pizza and taco salad. Being too full yesterday, we celebrated with dessert today with an afternoon tea of Boston Cream Pie (cake!), cream puffs and hot cocoa after sledding and romping in the snow (hence the very rosy cheeks in the picture!).

Yesterday began our family oddity. We have 1 birthday a month from January through September with the exception of March when Daddy shares his birthday with Pippin!

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