January 21, 2007

Pippin in the Coal Scuttle

Pippin is by far the biggest climber and int0-everythinger we've ever had. We thought surely he'd have walked in his eighth month when he pulled himself up to standing just after he was 5 months old. But he discovered crawling at great speeds (just like those fast spiders).... to the point he literally has callouses on his knees! I thought we'd never have one so into everything as our first, but Pippin is, this time, literally "into" the coal scuttle or more accurately the corn and pellet scuttle. (or hod if you are a Laura Ingalls fan!)

Because I'm having digital camera issues (one of those banes of my existences) I've discovered coverting the pictures to Black and White can change a nearly impossible to see picture into one that can be viewed at least!

1 comment:

  1. He looks just like your baby pictures! Looks like he takes after you too. Very cute!