July 3, 2009

Girls' Group

Welcome to the 5 Consecrated Ladies!
This week we did a baking week.
This is the Monster Cookie Crew. Yes, yes, that is a little boy! The girls's group includes mothers and little boys, toddlers and babies! :)

The Brownie Crew

Working on the Monster Cookies... and my little friend to the left was licking the paddle clean.

The Brownie Frosting Crew.

Working on the Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats. This is a recipe I received from one of my students some 15 years ago or so!

Clean up Crew!

Waiting patiently for the Monster Cookies.

Preparing the Salad for dinner.


I forget what the name of this substance is but it's made of little beady foamy things in some kind of stuff that keeps it stuck all together. Kind of a modern-day pla-doh.

Playing with the Calico Critters.
More drawers.

To welcome the Consecrated Ladies we pulled together a nicer meal. Mrs. B. made absolutely delicious lasagna!

Lining up for the vittles.

This also happened to be the same day is Merry's birthday. When we got home Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt B were there with a cake, ice cream and presents to celebrate!

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