July 4, 2009


UPDATE: I have been asked by several people for an update on the condition of the men and the fireworks explosion. They had been setting the fireworks off on a raft that they sent out from an old boat they towed out. They had a volunteer fireman with full garb and extinguisher. No one was hurt.... Deo Gratias!
After we put the children in bed (for the first time) we decided to walk down to the lake out on the dock and see if there would be any fireworks around the lake.
We were delighted as they were all over the place. We ended up going to get whatever of the children were awake. Being that 7 out of the 9 had their noses pinned to the windows we didn't have to ask twice.

Skaneateles Lake is 48 miles long however we can only see to the bend which is probably maybe 9 miles down the lake. But all around the lake we could see were fireworks. It was pretty neat!

Then out in the middle of the lake but only about 5 houses down from our place a boat began to emit some really big and grand fireworks.

However, suddenly, in this great explosion a very large quantity of fireworks began to explode. The lake was lit up red... as you can see.

And it was just this absolutely amazing display, however we also saw 2 men jump overboard and all I could think of to pray was "O Lord, please!"

There is question as to whether the little dark shape in the middle was one of those who had jumped overboard.
The same shape can be seen in this picture as well. Then a couple boats went out to rescue the people.

The last remaining fireworks from the explosion.

Hopefully no one was hurt.
Happy Fourth of July (and spare a prayer for these people just in case the outcome was not in their favor)

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