July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Rosie

Rosie turned 8... which means she is out of a booster seat... grand milestone!

Since Merry's birthday was last week we included his birthday as well.

Need I say that Bilbo enjoyed the frosting?

I was actually waiting for my friend the chipmunk to scamper by, I was hoping to get his picture but alas he never showed up but this bird did.

After a conversation the other night we decided to take some of the children *rollerskating*. Yes, that still exists! We brought them to the ol' rollerdrome where we used to skate when were were kids. I firmly believe these are the same exact skates we used, too! I borrowed Eowyn's socks and skates at one point. I used to skate quite well.... but apparently rollerskating isn't one of those things that is like bike riding. I not only had to hang on to the rail for dear life but I also learned there are feet muscles I don't use these days!

Eowyn helping Addy.
Rosie was one of the ones who skated nearly the entire time.

Sam did pretty well.

Rosie the birthday girl.

Let's keep trying.....

There she is up on her feet again! I have to admit I did laugh myself silly a few times.

My sister Bridget tries out the skating.
Bridget and Ceci

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