July 19, 2009


How do you spend your Day of Rest?
I go to Spain...........
And listen to Fr. Alfonso's homily... with a side of loaded ice cream :)
His splendid homilies have been translated into English since March (or so). Check it out! While you are there (you are going there right?) note that each time you refresh the home page you get a nifty new little quote from Fr. Alfonso. For example this one:
122 The performance of personal duties could be regarded as the primary, most basic kind of mortification; there can be no genuine prayer if one neglects those responsibilities. One assumes that a person who has truly made up his mind to practise prayer has that side of things under control.


  1. I'm the one maintaining that webpage. I'm happy to see people all over the world interested in Fr. Alfonso's work.
    God bless you for the wonderful family you have.
    Fr. Carlos

  2. Thank you for maintaining that splendid website. I can hardly wait for the Don Quixote book to come out (what a wonderful except!) If you will be here for the Ordination perhaps I will have the honor to meet you. We are beyond happy with the wonderful Priests and Consecrated Ladies of the SJCP.