July 3, 2009

Summer Vacation

9 little bodies ready for our summer trip to upstate NY.
Entering Chicago... no... the vacation is not in Chicago... who in their right mind would vacation in Chicago? However, 13 hours after we left home we arrived in Skaneateles, NY.

Chalk Art

My sister Sheila and her daughter Cecilia, newly back from England... this will finally reside again in the USA!

Bilbo driving in his new car.


Bilbo considering the trike...

Sam out fising.

This is the cottage down by the lake.

Merry and Pippin rescuing the damsel in distress.... apparently the door fell of the car.

Rosie testing out the lake waters. I would not so much as stick my toe in, it's very cold!

Frodo sporting his new swim goggles.... not very sporty if you ask me!

Pippin going for a dip.

Line up for a ride in Grandpa's boat.
Merry and Pippin
Frodo skipping rocks.
Cousin Cecilia
Galadriel and Cousin Adelaide


More Rosie
Frodo and Cousin Katie

Trying out the canoe in the shallows

Cousin Mary Grace and Cousin Eva.

More Eva... who happens to look nearly exactly like my sister Sheila when she was that age.

Sam and Frodo (haha no, they are not off to mordor)
Just playin' around

Some of the girls
Bilbo finds a ball.

Cousin Tommy

My sister Sheila's husband Michael prepared a great dinner, pasta with either shrimp/avocado/capers/garlic/peppers or red sauce. Delicious!

Brownie Sundaes for dessert. Notice that Bilbo had the first accident of the vacation. For some reason he decided to plummet himself off the step flat down on to the patio stone. Ouch.

Eowyn followed pursuit in the accident department by tripping over backwards on a pipe and slicing her foot open. Grandpa is a doctor so no fears.

One of the traditions on Skaneateles Lake for as long as I can remember (at least 1976) is to "light the lake" on July 3rd with flares.

Aragorn lighting one for us.
Not the greatest picture but it's rather neat to see flares all around the lake... as far as you can see anyway.
TO BE CONTINUED...............

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