July 4, 2009

Summer Vacation Part II

We started Saturday Morning, the 4th of July with a photo shoot.... here are all the children and their cousins running down to meet the photographer.
Just waitin' around.

Grandma, Grandpa and Grandchildren


Here we are!

My sister Sheila, Michael and their 3 girlies.

My sister Nora, Rory and their 4 children.

After the picture taking we drove over to my Uncle Bernie and Aunt Margaret's house.


Bilbo hollering at the chickens.

Merry fascinated with the water pump.

Uncle Bernie helping Merry with the pump. Pippin on his way to....... help....

Aragorn, Rosie, my cousin Maureen and Fiona... the pony/horse.

Here comes Sam to save the day.

Bilbo enjoyed the ice cream.............. immensely.
We walked up to see their pond which reminds me a bit of Ireland.
Aragorn feeding the fish.I could not for the life of me capture a single fish that was jumping up out of the water so here are the waves!

Eleanor and Merry.

The pony was lame for the day so Frodo took his place and gave some pony-less rides.

Uncle Bernie mentioned there were snakes that lived up under the barn so the children went up to see if they could find one. *shudder*

Their little farm is just so lovely and enjoyable to visit!
More pony-less rides.
Back at Grandma and Grandpa's everyone was ready for a swim again.
Wooooooooooooops! CENSORED!

Merry and Pippin
More chalk art.
Here's a pair, I tell you.

Their first car wreck.
Frodo playing around in the stream.
Tiger Lilies
Here's that pair again between playing who is hitting who!
Bilbo appeared to be crying... no... absolutely wailing.... then he'd turn to the side and start laughing.... it seemed to me he was just simply entirely enjoying himself trying his best to be offended!
Grandpa giving Bilbo a hand.

Jumproping. Hmmm... I seem to have missed getting any pictures of the whiffle ball game.
Cousin Patrick.
It wouldn't be proper with out coneys and salt potatoes!

Rory was the grill-er.
Ice Cream for the kiddies.
Beautiful, beautiful brown eyes!

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