July 6, 2009

Summer Vacation Part III

I would be remiss if I did not back up a bit and mention our Friday Lunch at Dougs' Fishfry! YUM! They have the best fish sandwiches. This time I was blessed to get right in and out and no sooner I got out I noticed the line was out the door and down the street! This has been a common sight since they first opened back when I was in school here!
I have heard of Handicap Parking, I have heard of Expectant Mother parking (not available around home, I can tell you!) but this is a first:
Vehicle Parking
Reserved for fuel efficient
and low emitting vehicles
Need I say that we did not park our not-fuel-efficient 15 passenger van in that spot? However it was tempting, just for the effect :)
King Bilbo of the mountain-slide.

Ah to be young again.

The neighbor's dog Eggo (like Leggo my Eggo frozen waffles) joined the children in a swim.

Eleanor and Pippin dippin'

The wonderful neighbor lady let the children use their tubing tube to play on.



It wouldn't be a visit to my parents' without Aragorn fixing something. This time it's the various nails in the dock.

My parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in June so we had a party for them. We ordered from Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse. They have the best pork barbecue and barbecue beans! We invited my dad's brothers and sisters and a handful were able to make it which was delightful.
My sister Sheila sitting next to Aragorn, my Aunt Margaret (Bernie's wife) and Uncle Frank.
Cousin Maureen

Uncle Bernie and my brother-in-law Michael

Niece Eva who is just 9 days younger than Bilbo and don't they both know it!

Grandma and Grandpa and a handful of grandchildren. Happy Anniversary!

I sure wish I had some ability to decorate cakes but as it stands I have zilcho! Look at these lovely frosting roses. Personally I perfect my cake bald or only a thin bit of frosting but I had many eager fingers ready to help with that excess frosting.
Galadriel and Eowyn helped serve the cake with Mary Grace. Bilbo was there only for the sole purpose of getting some of that yummy chok-wit! Bilbo seems to have a chocolate radar built in.
Uncle Frank and Sam.
Aragor and Uncle Bernie

The doll club! (I hope my girls never outgrow dolls... it's highly unlikely since their mother hasn't :)

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