July 6, 2009

Summer Vacation Part IV

Bilbo smuggles my water jug.... again. You can get a pretty good view of his scratch 'n dent nose! He really does look hideous!
Another beautiful day out.

The neighbor said we could use their various boats and kayaks and this little dinghy seems to have maximum weigh capacity! (haha)

Why hello Pippin!

Sam was riding in the little rowboat and pulling some in the tube behind him.

Michael and Eva

Aragorn flying his helicopter. (If you look closely you can see the helicopter to the left center.

Make Way for Ducklings! (yet another one of my favorite children's books)
Sam just riding around.

Frodo trying out the kayak. He did pretty well!

Sam giving it a whirl.

Galadriel's turn.
LETTERBOXING: Same and I (and my sister) went on our first letterboxing attempt since there was one located right in the village of my parents town. I won't give it all away in case anyone by chance is coming to this villiage...............

As we were walking along the Judge Ben Wiles was making its way back to shore. This is the very boat we had my highschool class picture taken on *ahem* a few years ago.

On with the letterboxing....

Sam on his way to the secret hiding place for said Letterbox........
It was a very disappointing find. The box was not there but we did find the old notepad and a ziploc with a stamper inside. It was so old and ratty we could not even open the notepad up. But at least we found the general idea and remains....
Next we needed to get some goodies to take home so we stopped in this place (place not mentioned so as to keep the gifties a surprise to any of my rare readers). And on the wall was a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe! Let's just say I spent plenty here.... all because of the picture of course :)
While we were in here a lady was hit by a care just outside the window! First we saw 2 accidents on the highway on our way out, then on our way to Mass someone had hit a guardrail and what was left was only charred remains of a vehical wrapped around a guard rail and then this lady was hit by a car. I think we should be grateful for the life God has given us! So spare a prayer for all these people who are suffering!

Frodo with his little collection of minnows.

Cecilia did her hair all by herself. (Anyone who remembers my love for hair bows would know this neice takes after her aunt!)

More ducks, though these are all grown up.

ICE CREAM AT FRAN'S! Fran and Ham are such a lovely couple and ever so generous (they are the said neighbor's who have lent us boats, tubes and so on. Here is Merry presenting Fran with a mini rose bush.

Time for ice cream! The first shall be last and the last shall be first was today lesson from Fran :)

The eager line up of children ready for some ice cream sundaes.
The irresistable brown eyes and hairbows.
3 flavors of ice cream and numerous toppings.


Tommy, Merry and Pippin.... it does seem children can be rather absorbed when eating ice cream.

Pippin thoroughly enjoing whip cream fingers. Eventually he did stop bouncing around and fell asleep for the night!
Then began a rather raukus water gun fight which really meant one boy or the other chasing the girls and trying to shoot them with water. (why???)
I thought this was just a nice picture of the house since most of the shots involved pictures of the cottage.

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