June 10, 2010

Educational Fair

We had our end of the year homeschooling fair at our house. This is the 3rd year we've done this.

We start the event with a recital.

My children didn't take lessons this year but they all wanted to play something anyway.

Everyone did really well but this one gets the prize. He did an oration on catapults.

He even built his own catapult which these boys demonstrated during the speech.

This is the full scene. You can see the marshamallows that were catapulted (is that a word?) through the air. haha

Galadriel playing a piece. In the afternoon she had an eye appointment with the ophthalmologist. He was absolutely amazed at her progress. Her vision is perfect and she only has a slight bit of trouble above midline (looking up). Deo Gratias!

Most of the group. It was discovered that some bodies were missing during the photo.

Recital and group shot followed by lunch.

6 hours later.......... we're all partied out!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time. I was so happy to see Galadriel at the piano, how wonderful! Such good news about her eye!