June 19, 2010

Field Trip

We went on a field trip with friends of ours.
This expansive Grotto was put up by a priest who had been seriously ill. He promised God that if he were restored to health he would build a grotto in thanksgiving. Well, this is said grotto.

St. Therese the Little Flower

Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Bernadette (looking up at the above statue of Our Lady of Lourdes)
Under a tiny chapel (as in a tunnel underneath) was a little hallway of statues. This one of course being the Pieta.
St. Peter

This is the little tiny chapel. I believe it was named in honor of St. Jude.
The stained glass windows inside the chapel were beautiful, very intricate (and I'm not talking about the blue glass blocks!)
The Stations of the Cross.... said for Fr. Alex....

A little bridge.
You really do neet a road map to get around in here without getting lost.

Here are the little fishermen from across the way.

This isn't a statue of a cherub, this is Poppy.

Our Lady of Fatima. Notice the giant blue rosary inside the fencing.

Here are the fishermen from above. See the goldfish?

The priest who built the grotto also built an entire cave all above ground but once inside you cannot tell you aren't below! It is 1/5th mile long. I was able to just stand up and clear the ceiling. My tall friends would be pretty sore by the time they got out.

Inside the cave.

It's very dark inside so the pictures play tricks on you. Trust me, it is very dark inside the tunnel. This is a metal sheet with little holes poked in it. They are all over the place inside the cave and have biblical verses and other one-liners on them. Behind them was a light that glowed through. It was really lovely.

Guardian Angel

This was my favorite inside the cave. Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemene.

This is Peter, James and John not watching for one hour.

The Nativity.
Outside the cave.
Sacred Heart.

Sam and Frodo and a friend of theirs.
Eowyn and Eleanor and a friend of theirs.

There is a great museum here as well full of the neatest stuff including vestments.
This was the priest's chalice, ciborium, biretta, etc...
Stuff that was used to build the grotto.

Cassocks, and a neat statue, I wonder who it is, I forgot to check the label.

Altar Card
An altar in minature
A child-sized vestment and Mass set.

More child-sized items. Even a wee little biretta.

Stuff from the old school.

Old Baptismal fonts.
Incredible Sick Call set! So ornate!

Back to the chalice, all around the base were little ovals with pictures inside. One of the Annunciation and one of Our Lady of Lourdes are in the front.
St. Philomena
Seven Sorrows of Our Blessed Mother.... said for Fr. Alex....

We then had a picnic and played at the old school playground.

Culvers was the place to be t the end of the day.... before we didn't take a wrong turn getting home....
A rainbow over our woods. It was a complete arch from here to over our house. I hope that means the kids will find a pot of gold in the play woods!

The sky was such a strange color. It was more greenish than what is in the picture. But it was incredible. Must be the glowing pot of gold.

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  1. WOW! This looks like such a wonderful place! Have you been to the Grotto in West Bend Iowa? Love the Culver's Ice Cream!!
    God bless!