June 8, 2010

Gardens and Pony Carts

Trouble eating paper. No, she's not in jail, she's up in the loft but a little cell isn't such a bad idea.
Poppy stood on her own for several seconds but once the camera came out she turned to jello legs.
The children divided the boxes among themselves this year. They said I can plant Fr. Faustino's garlic... which hasn't been done yet! This is Eleanor's. (Do you like my red tomato cage things? Sam spray painted them!)


Sam's (let's overlook the paths around the outside)

Rosie's. The big thing is a giant cabbage that was given to her for a 3rd grade project.



Sam's watermelon in the corner.

Our strawberry "patch" is really just strawberries planted in grass.


Sideways again.

Our Sacred Heart garden entirely exploded. Yes, The Sacred Heart is hidden in there.

This is a welsh pony (Gemma) so quite a bit bigger than a pony-ride pony.

Old Dan was lonely.

Gemma and the oversized pony cart.


  1. I love the pony cart! When can we come for rides? :)

  2. My horse and buggy wish just came true! And the strawberries look great. I'll be happy if ours can just produce an actual plant. ;-)