June 16, 2010

Poppy, Pumpkins, Project

Our latest project is building a machine shed.... finally.

Poppy eating... her shoe.

We went strawberry picking this week. I am truly a strawberry-holic.

I would have thought there was a significance to this photo. I think it was our priests' halos glowing all at once.

Tadpoles.... not very impressive to me but the boys were in their glory.

Little chipper!

This is typical Poppy-ish-ness.

Look at all that hair!!

We've only had alot of rain lately.

Eleanor's giant cabbage is growing great! And so are the weeds around the outside of her box!

The giant pumpkins are now 8 weeks old (from the day the seed went in the wee pot)

For some reason one thing "they" do is bury the vine.

The giant watermelons are grown at quite a rate as well.

The punkin' patch.

Another view of the patch. And you ask "What is that stripe down the middle?" That's the walking path, haha. Not too trilling.

Our red wall. Of course the shed is going to be red.

This is a door.... in the wall. (Ever read that book, great one The Door in the Wall)


  1. Fantastic building project! Say, how many acres of land do you have? Every time I read your blog, it makes me ache for that lifestyle for my children. Husband isn't ready for the five acres yet, but says maybe someday. :)

  2. Hi Katherine, we have 51 acres :)