June 25, 2010

Pool Funsies

Just testing the water

Just checking out the slide

On second thought, skip that slide

Solving the worlds problems


Let's check out that slide again


Pippin Dude

Pippin takes the slow slide

Lemme think about this

Eleanor hanging on for dear life.

Alas once Pippin got going, he wouldn't stop going down the slide. Now, he's 4 and can't swim so it is unnerving to have a dare-devil. Somehow methinks he'll enjoy the forbidden high cliffs in the Land of Strange Foods

K 'n Kids

There are friends and there are <*friends*>

Storm chasing again. This was incredible. The picture does little justice to the real thing. As a friend of mine described it to me, she thought it was what she envisioned it would be like when Christ comes again!

Another storm. We saw on the weather radar that there was this skinny strip of storm heading our way with a possible tornado, naturally we grabbed the camera and ran outside. No tornado... I'm suppose to say "thank goodness" but we watched the storm pass just above us. I went inside when the rain hit and I look out the window and see Frodo just standing there in the down pour.

Don't ask, I didn't take the picture. But all I could think of was "The Scream"
And, "Oh no Mr. Bill"

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