June 2, 2010

Emergency Room Funsies

I think it should be outlawed for husbands to have cell phones with cameras. They take the most unbecoming pictures. Anyway, you sort of expect to bring in a child to the emergency room now and then, but you generally don't expect to bring the mother in. I, who always wears shoes, was only going to go across the room... without shoes.... and managed to step on a piece of glass from a canning jar that broke earlier in the day. The jar had fallen out of the freezer when the kids were getting a popsicle out for Bilbo because he had fallen off a log on the ground while they were swimming and bit his lip open. And since the ice maker is on the fritz a popsicle is, well, a much better substitute. Anyway, since home surgery just didn't cut it... no pun intended.... Aragorn and I had a date at the emergency room. Life is never dull. On the bright side I earned myself a nice pair of surgical booties, though I was really hoping for some nice cute striped socks to wear over this bandage. And the best news of all is that they will remove the stitch for free!!

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