June 6, 2010

Just stuff

We had a beautiful reception after Fr. Alfonso, the founder of our Priests' Order, said the Trinity Sunday Mass. You can listen to his exquisite homily here.

Good grief, 2 side-ways pictures.

More swimming
Wasn't Sam a baby just, like, yesterday?

Amazingly Bilbo is not edible. Just delectable.

I give up. You may find it hard to believe I actually rotated these and saved them before I uploaded them and they still come out sideways. The very strangest part is that this one wasn't rotated at all as it was taken normally.

My sister came into town for a day. The only disappointing part was that here children and husband were left behind in Louisiana. :(
My sister brought this ball for the kids, it's called a "cabbage ball" (read: it is an oversized softball which is an oversized baseball). My neice plays on a cabbage ball team. You really learn something new every day.

She also brought this this neat bubble wand.


If you see trouble written all over her face, that is because it is.
Just spying on our friends who live across the lake where we like to swim. :)

I am a strawberry fanatic, this year we've gotten quite a few from our hither-n-thither strawberry plants.

We have these absolutely gigantic peonies this year.

The corn is coming up.

The pumpkins are growing!
And Sam is trying to keep up with the cockleburs.

These are bamboo stakes that are used to keep the largest and best stems along the ground.

The giant watermelon plants are growing at a rapid pace.

The giant-pumpkin man added giant-tomato plants this week. If a giant pumpkin is the size of a honda, I wonder what a giant tomato is? The size of a soccerball?
I for one have never seen a pumpkin leaf this size.

I was driving home on Saturday evening as the sun was going down and it was absolutely amazing. I did not have my camera at the time. All the trees were a brilliant golden green. It was so amazingly beautiful.
This I took from the couch in the living room.

Sam went outside and took these. It was almost like the sky was on fire. It was really incredible, of course a picture may be worth a thousand words but the real thing is worth a million.

Yes, we've had alot of rain lately! (yes the rain guage needs a cleaning)

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