September 1, 2012

Annual Cow Chip Throw Fund Raiser

Theme this year:  Pirates of the Cowwibean   (*chuckle*)

I kid you not when I say in my area we have a contest for seeing how far one can throw a cow chip where somewhere around 40,000 people come to spectate.  (BTW, "we" is not my family but the local general "we", just in case it was just the kind of sporting event you'd expect at Trinity Acres, though our cows aren't here, however we do have horses so if there were to be a horse apple throwing contest........ nevermind, my children read this blog and I don't want them getting any not-so-fresh ideas)  Ok, with all that I just lost all the city dwellers who visit here. You aren't missing anything.  Anyway... this year we spent a couple months suffering a drought and I just learned that it had catastrophic effects on finding appropriately dry cow chips (patties if you prefer). You can read the story HERE.  I don't know but I laughed my way through it even if it was in earnest.  Incidentally the record is 258 feet for the furthest chucked chip. 

 Sam and Rooster were the Franciscan Fryers in a fund raiser for our priests.
 This year they did deep fried oreos "with or without" (powdered sugar) and supreme (with ice cream and chocolate syrup).  Just typing that, I gained 4 pounds.
 Galadriel, Eowyn and Frodo as well as Annie and Allie (who were gone before I got there) help with the serving and money.
 Chair woman ... and her husband were the entrepreneurs of the deep fried fundraiser

 Another stand that was for our parish is the walking taco stand. Now this was an ingenius idea.   They slice open a bag of Fritos then put in taco meat, lettuce and whatever else and you just eat right out of the bag.  Neat-o or what?  I think it would be great with doritos, too.
 4 deep fried oreos for $2, add a couple scoops of ice cream for an extra buck.

I do not want to eat another oreo for an entire year...!
(though this was actually a deep fried pickle that we tried out fo funsies after we shut down)

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