September 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Poppy

 Poppy celebrated her 3rd birthday.

 Pippin lost his first tooth.
 Ok, now we have never done the tooth fairy (mean mother award... first I can't afford it, second I don't need fairies visiting us in the night, I'm sure they'd be to blame for the messes that appear out of nowhere that nobody did).  But oddly Pippin put his tooth under his pillow and someone gave him a gold coin.  Where do kids come with these things?  Have we ever discussed the tooth fairy?  I'm sure after my kids read this they will come up with miles of stories about conversations about tooth fairies and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. 
 Sam taking an on-line hunter safety course.  Frodo still has yet to start his.  Then they will do a field day somewhere.
 So we were just nonchalantly driving into our driveway after Mass and lo and behold we had flamingos.
 I was never into plastic lawn ornaments, we tend to stick to metal, like 80 year old tractors, but times change sometimes. *chuckle* 
 When we were harvesting weeds we found a semi-decent sized pumpkin.  I mean it won't become the 1203 we had a couple years ago but it's a pumpkin anyway.
 I could just eat that baby up.
 It's been an awesome summer for swimming.

 Now, I got this swim chair for Aragorn and it was nice until the kids tore the arms off it and you simply can't balance on the thing (as I took a picture of 2 children perfectly well balanced on it).  I sat down to read some Anne of Green Gables and promptly flipped right over into the pool.  Don't they make swim floating chairs that don't pop?

 Weeds are pretty.
 Sometimes.  Poor St. Francis and St. Claire  are lost in the plethora of lambsquarters. I will admit the month of 90-100 temps was not conducive to my bothering with weeds.  St. Francis did desire a solitary life so I guess the weeds protected him from a plethora of children!  (good excuse?)

 Our cow finally had her calf. Unfortunately born breech so died but we have milk again... or will tomorrow after the yellow milk wears off. This was only 2 months worth of moola caps and doesn't include all the other brands that aren't collected at our homeschooling group.  I think it was about $200 a month just on milk and believe me, I knew where to find the cheapest whole milk and Kwik Trip loved us so much the price went down 60c a gallon in town hahaha

 I don't know but what will become of Frodo someday. 

Science experiments.

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