September 25, 2012

New Pets

 My SIL found a puppy for us yesterday, she kept his brother.  Since yesterday was the feast of Our Lady of Ransom we named him "Ransom"  (clever idea of said SIL). 
 Frodo brought home a kitty from the neighbors' house. We named it Kili (one of the Hobbit drarfs).  It's cute... that's the only reason I am letting it stay.  All the other cats I never see so I'm ok with that.

 (NO!  He's not an indoor dog!)

 The dog 'n pup are making their aquaintances (aquaintences - both look wrong).

 Grubby by 10:30am ?!  Sadly these are our biggest pumpkins. How sad, pathetic in fact. We still have not beat our personal record of 1203 pounds for a giant pumpkin.  Maybe next year...!

 It seems to me it was a rather extended recess today.  Wouldn't you want to watch a puppy chewing on a pumpkin stem, too?


  1. cute dog!! what kind is it?

  2. Someone said it was a cross between a lab and a shepherd but I don't think it looks the least like a shepherd and the coloring isn't either. Looks more like part springer spaniel to me maybe crossed with a lab. *shrug*