September 15, 2012

Drastic Measures

Have you ever thought about what drastic measures we have to go through to tame ourselves?  I thought when we started school this year that I was in the "easy" year. I had no kindergarteners to add in, I'm happy with our curriculum... so it was the same 8 in school and the same 3 toddlers/pre-schoolers to deal with and everyone knew the ropes.  Somehow that fanciful dream of mine was ... well... just fanciful.  Somehow the desks in the "elementary" school were in the wrong places, the schedule of who to do when just wasn't pulling itself together. So I've spent our first 2 weeks of my "free time" (*chuckle* free time) thinking about a schedule.   I'm a bit of a free-range chicken myself running usually on a "schedule" meaning I get up, I go to Mass, we eat breakfast, do some stuff, eat lunch, do some stuff, eat dinner, do some stuff, go to bed all sprinkled with some prayers and sacrifices.  Kinda sloppy.

I will admit I do enjoy emails. I don't get many personal ones, very few in fact, (I tend to befriend people with wildly busy schedules who are tame and well-disciplined... opposites attract) but I do enjoy emails for those traveling along the road less traveled.  Since my day starts with 6:30am Mass unless of course the baby had me up all night or some other only-a-mother-can-relate-to-scenario, I generally get there.  And I like some "me time".  "Me time" for me (it's all about me) is having some quiet time in the day to spend with the Lord in quiet and solitude, this I do at 5:30am, however having had a minor cold and being up with said baby I've been far too sluggish for my own spiritual good.  So my next drastic measure is only spend that early 1/2 hour in prayer.. you know... and take that drastic measure not to *gasp*... check... *gasp*... email.  For some people it is coffee, for me it is email.  If I make it to heaven,  I shudder to imagine my exciting write-up in the Butler's Lives of the saints.  She gave up green and black's milk chocolate with almonds and early morning email.  Drastic! Absolutely drastic! :D

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  1. Of course I just had to comment and write you this email! haa haaa!!! I love your blog, your beautiful family and what an inspiration you are to me! Thank you for this. You make me laugh b/c I have such a similar crazy life and somehow I forget to laugh. Thanks!!!
    God bless, Mary @ Cheerios