September 14, 2012

Our Lady of Consolation

Beneath the shelter of your tender compassion we fly for refuge, Mother of God. Do not overlook our supplications in adversity but deliver us out of danger.
As I do spiritual reading about a saint or Our Lady I sometimes stumble across some very interesting subjects.  One thing that has astounded me is how many feast days there are for Our Lady, that have been dropped.  I think along with a Saint of the day, we should have a title of Our Lady of the day.  Wouldn't that be a lovely thing!  But check out this gem I ran across.
Our Lady of Consolation
This feast day is a moveable feast celebrated on the Saturday following the feast of St. Augustine, which is on August 28th.  St. Monica suffered greatly over the sinful life of her son, Augustine.  (here I recommend to you the book St. Monica)  St. Monica confided her sorrow to Our Blessed Mother.  The story goes that Our Lady appeared to her dressed in mourning clothes with a shining cincture around her waist. In her great compassion, Our Lady removed the cincture and gave it to St. Monica.  She told her to wear it.  Monica then gave it to her son, who in turn gave it to his community, who wore the cincture in honor of  Our Lady of Consolation. 

I think we live in a time that we are of urgency to bring back this devotion To Our Lady of Consolation. With the rampant sorrow that mothers, like St. Monica, suffer over their children, especially in regards to purity. 

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