January 31, 2013

Confirmation Preparation

As we near our next set of Confirmation Candidates in our family I thought I'd share some traditional resources for preparation with you.  Of course a regular daily routine of studying the faith on the level of the children is crucial and never ends, even as they get into their teens, tweens and adulthood.  So for starters, just continue with their (and your!) daily religious education course (and spiritual reading).

Preparation for Confirmation according to the Baltimore Catechism is available at Angelus Press HERE for $5.95 (Amazon has a copy for $102 if you just must have the highest most ridiculous price! Not saying there is any price on the study of the Faith :)
To go along with this, Lady Modesty has put together her own Confirmation Exam as well as a Certificate of Completion.  It is available HERE for only $3 for the Exam and $1 for the Certificate.  She is one of the most talented people I know, especially when it comes to writing her own course of studies for her children.

A RACE for Heaven Company has a wonderful Confirmation Reader-Retreat:  Read-Aloud Lessons, Stories and Poems for Young Catholics a total of 9 Lessons with Read-Aloud Stories and Poetry to go with each lesson talking about:  The Sacrament of Confirmation, Graces Bestowed in this Sacrament, Soldiers of Christ, A Perfect Christian, The Sign of the Cross, Pentecost, The Offering, God, the Holy Spirit, The Seven Gifts. This can be purchased HERE for  $18.95.  Read-Aloud stories comes from various older resources like King of the Golden City, The Ghost of Kingdom Come, Sr. Mary Josita's book Sing a Son of Holy Things, Mary Fabyan Windeatt Books, For Heaven's Sake, Fr. Lovasik's The Catechism in Stories:  The Creed, and Sacraments.  And more.

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