January 31, 2013


Due to a very large project I am involved in, I'm a little late in mentioning that we are now in the Penitential Season of Septuagesima.  Previous posts are found here.  The Church used to begin to fast during this season but now there are the 2-1/2 weeks of preparing oneself for the Great Lenten Fast.  So what are we doing to prepare ourselves for Lent? This is the time to think about what sin or fault to work on, what book we will read, what pleasures we will do without.  In this planning it will also include a particular plan:

How will I work on my weakness? Being average human beings, most of us aren't conquered by being thrown off our high horse like St. Paul.  Instead, most of us have to walk the slower route with small steps.  Pick a particular part of your sinfulness to work on. It may seem small to work on a little piece of our sinfulness but if we want to make progress, slow and steady wins the race.  You can always add on.

Do I have my spiritual reading or will I wait and order it on Ash Wednesday? No, this is the time to get that book (or two).  Be ready... be prepared. Know yourself and what you can handle in your spiritual reading.  Perhaps you are over-stressed right now, picking up some tedious bit of reading just might be too much and make you want to quit. It's ok to read simple things.  The point is to spend time in reflection and getting in the habit of making spiritual reading a part of our daily lives.  Although I greatly enjoy the richness of the great saints, sometimes it's more profitable to read some simple children's books.  For that matter, pick up the Baltimore Catechism and see if you know everything in it.  :)  As I teach my children I am amazed at how much I have forgotten, or never knew, or was awakened to in some way!

What pleasures to I find myself seeking that I could do without?  Computer time, TV, movies, video games, sweets, too much food, spending money, buying unneeded items....

Or perhaps I should take the opposite route?  Eat more vegetables, eat what I'm served, take a walk

That's just a start, but do... be prepared by making a plan for lent.... I should do that too! :)


  1. Julie, thanks for the wake up call! I often get caught up in the preparations for the children for lent, that I don't prepare myself!
    What book or books are you going to read or have read in the past?

  2. I thought about putting together a nice reading list, I will do that over the next few days and post a list. A Septuagesima post :)

  3. Yes, thank you Julie---looking forward to your book list!