January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Frodo

 Happy 13th Birthday, Frodo!  That brings the count to 4 teenagers:  16, 15, 14, 13.  Frodo opted for Eggs Benedict for breakfast, Vintage Brewery for lunch and pizza for dinner.

 I have so few spots for taking pictures because we have so many windows (that wasn't a complaint, I love windows, just mentioning from a picture-taking perspective which is why we commonly have a lot of glare!) anyway, one of the few spots happens to be in front of the bathroom door.  Odd.
 Marigold's ultimate favorite book is The Three Little Kittens... it is now on the top list of least favorites for Galadriel & Eowyn who could recite it in their sleep.
I never would have thought that 400 planks were so few.  But what kind of castle only has 2 towers?  (And don't say "Two Towers"! ha..ha)

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