January 8, 2013


Can you tell me why I'm up at 2am with a baby who decided she wanted a snack of strawberries?  Marigold doesn't talk she "aeh, aeh's" and points.  Well, pointing to a freshly stocked refrigerator is totally useless while saying "aeh, aeh".  Finally I stood her up in the fridge and she pointed to the box of strawberries.  I mean I love strawberries but not at 2am.  Newborn babies are cute at 2am, toddlers aren't so much.  Methinks I'd rather she sort of followed American time, not so much European time.

1 comment:

  1. I'm guessing, that after the plague you just went through, strawberries at 2AM are preferable to barfing at 2AM!

    Happy New Year.