January 12, 2013

Nothing Much

 I had diligently color coordinated everyone's Christmas outfits for a very reasonable price.  But it wasn't until  Epiphany that everyone got dressed up.  Did we take a picture of everyone? Oh no, of course not.  Why not?  To quote my children, "I dunno."
 More fun on The Thing.

 Keva Planking tall towers has been a frequent thing around here.  But it is also a great way to make battle zones with little army guys.  I've heard that boys don't ever outgrow little army men or legos.... and I suppose Keva Planks.

 This is the tallest to date. Of course to go any taller will mean another bag 'o planks. This one is 400 planks tall.
 Encouraging Marigold to pull out a plank.  This time it fell on her head, poor thing.
 I know, I wondered why that picture was on the camera.

 Sam just finished making a new table top for us. We had a 8 x 4 foot table around which we squeezed in 12 chairs and a stool.  We were jam packed.  There was much elbow fighting and fear of someone entering into their personal space.  (is there really such thing as personal space in a house of 13?
Our new table is awesome! Just shy of 11 feet long by 50 inches wide.  Eventually we'll build some benches and use a combination of benches and chairs.  So you ask what we do about table cloths.  I was able to order 54" wide oilcloth cut to 12 feet long.  And oilcloth comes such pretty colors and prints.  As far as a fancy pretty cloth... well, we aren't fancy people... sooo... that might never happen anyway :D  Or... we'll sew a few together :)


  1. Your son made that table? Wow! That is awesome!

  2. The table top. We used the legs from the old table (they run along the center). He did a nice job, I mean you'll find something interesting in everything made around here. The first time we sat down Sam said, "Do you see the paint brush bristle?" hahaha He made it out of ash board from our woods. It's sealed thickly with epoxy. My husband is the King of Epoxy. :)

  3. The table (top) IS beautiful!! And if the day does come that you feel like being "fancy"----well, there are a lot of fabrics that come 54"-60" wide, and they are often on sale. Just order 4 yards and you might not even have to hem the long sides as some selvages look pretty nice. So give the short ends a hem and voila! a "fancy" tablecloth! (-: