January 20, 2013

Sewing Party

 The Middle Girls (that's not them in the picture) went to an awesome sewing birthday party.
 Auntie Seamstress was the master coordinator in the sewing department.
 The girls made skirts of the prettiest prints.

 I see the pictures are a bit out of order here, but these are the adorable cupcakes... pink... of course.
 The girls all got their hand at the sewing machine and I have to admit all did a really great job. I did think a couple times that I'm not sure I want to get in a car with some of these girls the way they press "the pedal to the metal and the thing to the floor"!

 The girlies working on some thank you cards for Auntie Seamstress.
 Aren't those adorable skirts?
 Someone knows how to find the best seat in the house!

 Back at home.


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  1. Aw, how much fun! I hosted a sewing party once--fun times!! My daughter's birthday is in November and we made fabric pumpkins. They were very cute, but much less practical--and maybe more difficult that skirts. Congratulations girls, you all did a beautiful job!