January 27, 2013

What We've Been Doing

 Playing house in Costco boxes
 Cleaning grubby faces
 Singing to Baby Jesus
 Of course she was only singing "Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhh" at the top of her lungs since she doesn't talk. But who's complain'?  I've got 10 other bodies that talk enough for a dozen dozen.  I'm ok if my 1-1/2 year old isn't talking.   She does however say "Mommy" and something or other that has no spelling for Galadriel.
 She had given a little stuffed bunny to Baby Jesus and was singing an Ode to Jesus.
 Getting dancing tots off the tables. But the table is the size of a dance hall floor.  Just the same, I'm worried about their future.
 Puzzles, lots 'o puzzles
And Holy Week organization.  More Holy Week organization. And even more Holy Week organization.  This is the pretty picture,  meeting for 2 hours to get our binders synchronized.  When you find yourself with 5 Masses during Holy Week following the 1962 Missal and wanting to do it right... according to the 1962 Missal as Holy Mother Church requests... and weeding through layers of changes that happened just before 1962.... it's an overwhelming project.  But... fortunately it is a one-time organization... unless... of course... another Holy Father wishes to get his name in the Land O' Revisions, then we'll have some more work ahead of us in some other year.  :D
clarification:  It was my partner in musical crime who did all the hard work in research in going through all the revisions and finding what went with the 1962 missal, I only print music.  It's nice being the dummy :D 

And just for kicks?  Our wonderful Bishop has given us a date for the first Traditional Rite of Confirmation in our diocese in 1/2 a century or more!!!  And it will fall the week before Holy Week on the Feast of St. Joseph!  God Willing, Eleanor, Merry and Pippin will be confirmed.  When Pippin found out he jumped around shouting, "I'm going to be confirmed on my feast day! I'm going to be confirmed on my feast day!"  So our children's choir will be singing for a High Mass prior to the Confirmation.

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  1. I didin't know that you could get adorable children at Costco! I guess I'll have to trade my BJ's Wholesale Club membership for one at Costco!