July 21, 2013

2 months

 Kili is 2 months now weighing in at 12-1/2 pounds.

 When the price is right... we buy hay. 
 We had a trailer we wanted to sell.  Someone wanted a trailer but only had a pontoon to barter.  This pontoon has been a lawn ornament for quite some time and we finally built a trailer to haul it (I know we are going around in circles with trailers here...).
 "Oh! It's a hot dog"  In case you wondered where hot dogs came from.

 This is a gas-free lake so we had to use a trolling motor... ours of course runs on solar.  I wonder if this is the first pontoon with solar power?
 Going for the Cousin It look.

 The solar panel can be rotated to... face the sun :D

 An inner tube from one of the tractor tires. 
 Pippin found a tiny frog... very tiny.
Someone graciously brought us a meal for all the fixings for Chilean hotdogs called Completos.  This was mine.  Basically a Chicago hotdog with Guacamole and Mayo. :D
Aragorn, Sam and Frodo went to an auction.  At an auction as you know if you bid on one item in a pile you take the whole pile.
You can spend $20 and come home with a truck bed full of ... junk treasure.
This was one of the good items. A nice small tractor.
But the best find of all was a 1884 Duoay Rheims Haydock Bible.  It is absolutely beautiful.  A work of art. It's so beautiful I will dedicate a full post just to that at a later time.  This is a true gem.

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