July 29, 2013

Another Swarm

 This beehive that swarmed off a whole slew of some 30,000 bees swarmed off again.  And there are still some living there. Isn't that amazing?  See? Our family isn't so big afterall :D
 We stood out watching where they were going so we could try and get them back.

 This time these ones opted for this tree.
(woops deleted a picture)
Way up in the tree.

 Here they bee (haha)
 This took more creativity to get them back.
 Sam was going to cut the branch down.
 Here's the swarm all swarmed up.
 We didn't want the branch to fall and kill the bees so Sam had to partially cut the branch off  while Aragorn steadied it with ropes and a pulley... or something like that

 Frodo moving the box under the swarm.

 Sam and Frodo brushing the swarm into the box.
 The bees had already started to make their comb up in the tree.

 They took to the hive so that was good news.

 Woops a bit out of order here, this is while they were still swarming. 

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