July 21, 2013

A Biblical Gem

 Aragorn won this absolutely beautiful Bible at an auction.  A rather unusual items for an auction like this one.  The Douay Rheims Holy Bible 1884.
 It is a hard cover leather bound Bible with a gold gilt design.

 The year of this printing was 1884.
 Pope Leo XIII was the Holy Father at the time. This is the Holy Father St. Therese the Little Flower begged to allow her to enter the Carmelites.

This Bible is full of wonderful information. This section is a full Catholic Dictionary.
There are numerous beautiful artwork.

Cities and Towns of the Bible
The Life of St. Paul

We've run across a number of dried leaves!
Prayer Card
This one is from 1919

Cover page from Bleak House Cosmopolitan Series from 1889.

Pictures of various Popes, Archbishops and Bishops
The name inside this Bible is Mr. and Mrs. John Burns.  I wonder who they were and where this Bible has been these last 128 years? 


  1. Wow! What a beautiful Bible. And what a great auction find!

  2. My dad gave me this same bible, his grandmother had given it to my parents....it is a treasure. The binding on mine is broken, so I don't open it often.