July 21, 2013


 Our garden boxes are actually doing pretty well this year.  Our basil is thick as ever.  I've got 6 "real family size" boxes of freshly made pesto in the freezer already.
 We actually have eggplants coming this year. We've tried every year to grow eggplants and finally they are growing!
 We could have planted the peppers a little thicker I guess.
 We have eaten some broccoli so far and it's so tender and yummy... or so they told me... I was late to the table due to feeding a baby so it was already gone.
 Getting rid of some weeds in the rhubarb box.
 This pepper fell off while... well... while some children were "helping"
Dill is one of the best smelling things in the garden.  So far so good. I haven't been down the check out what is going on in the giant pumpkin patch.

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