July 21, 2013

Bees Swarming

 Our bees started swarming.  Yes, those are all bees flying around in the air. It was an incredible sight.
 This was their hive. Incidentally this is still a thriving hive even though about 30,000 bees were swarming.  There are probably that many or more still in the hive!

 Frodo put on one of our (old) bee suits to help.
 The bees chose  a very inopportune place, right around a weed which couldn't hold their weight so they ended up on the ground.  Not so easy as a ball of bees on a bush.

 Aragorn donning the other bee suit.

 Putting down the base which looks like a screen.
 Putting together the main hive with the frames where they will build their honeycomb.

 Shaking the bees into the box.

At this point the pictures ceased as a bee got in my hair and then I tripped and fell trying to get it out. Frodo came over to help. That one stung me then another. Aragorn's only comment was that it would have made a great video for the blog. It must have been quite a sight.

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