July 18, 2013

TLM Blessing

I try to accept the way things are on a daily basis but sometimes life can get wearing.  One thing that I have found frustrating is that I have been unable to get to daily Mass very often. Our TLM is at 6:30am, a wonderful time to just get up and get going on the day.  But the last 7 months have been very challenging and daily Mass has been almost impossible.  Anything from sickness, death and birth.  Things that are unavoidable.  Then suddenly another local priest learned the TLM and was offering at 9:15am.  The timing for our current circumstances was impeccable.  And... it started on our 18th Anniversary.  It was a wonderful blessing.  It was short-lived as this priest was transferred but from June 24th-July 10th we were able to go to daily Mass most days.  What a blessing.  Do take advantage of daily Mass when you can! You never know when your circumstances of daily life might take you away from that beautiful blessing.  God likes to test us to see, "Will you love Me, even if....?"

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