July 21, 2013

Jesus, Mary, Joseph & me!

 Eleanor, Merry, Pippin & Bilbo all attended a lovely week long program called Jesus, Mary, Joseph & me. Each received a t-shirt for the week... eventually we'll color or paint the pictures on the front.  This particular week's theme was the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Hearts. 
 Each day they started with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, music, classroom activities (above they had made votive candles that were lit all week in front of Joseph and Mary), a decade of the Rosary and ended with Benediction.  This is truly a Catholic option to "Vacation Bible School".  While the children attended there was also a group for parents who stuck around.  Since it would have made for an extra hour of driving for me I stuck around with Kili.  We spent the week studying the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and Fatima.
 Adoration lasted throughout the day.  One day was the feast of St. Benedict (on the new calendar)
 so his relic was on display to be venerated.
 The end of the day Rosary decade.
 Another nice thing was that all the leaders would remind the children about holding their rosaries, making the sign of the cross correctly, double genuflection or single genuflection depending on whether the Blessed Sacrament was exposed, taking holy water, etc...  All little reminders just tucked in naturally. Nice to hear from someone other than mom!

 On the feast of St. Benedict all the children brought their new rosaries up to touch to the relic, rendering their rosaries 3rd class relics (touched to a 1st class relic)
 On the last day we had a procession around the church in honor of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

 Each group had a banner, that was beautifully done.
 I brought Poppy the last day so that she could enjoy the child care activities.

 The last day was ice cream sundae day.
 Each participating family received a goodie bag to take home.

 This is one of the banners that the leaders made.
These are the crafts they made (votive candles, pictures of Sacred and Immaculate Heart with prayers on the back... and various pictures not included in the display) plus the goodie bag items.  The goodie bag contained a rosary in a Sacred Heart case (to be given to dad to lead the family in the rosary), prayer booklet for mom, a crucifix, individual rosaries and a cloth for one's home altar.

They all had a great time.  The people who lead the group really focused on quality Catholicism.  Never underestimate what truly moves children's souls!

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