July 1, 2013

Summertime This and That

 Our priest came to do the blessing of the fields (a little drenched from the storms so we stayed by the house)

 And a blessing for the pool.
 The emergency Nuk.  Rarely used.  However, it was the outfit which is why I took the picture.  This is sad, but I cannot remember but either Aragorn or myself wore this as a baby. I know the blue would indicate a boy but I think it might have come in my box.  Perhaps one of our moms know.

 Nice outfit.  I'm glad we aren't superstitious as I have heard that walking under a ladder is bad luck but I'm not sure about sitting under one.
 A cute little gifted outfit.  The little wee crocs were the cutest little things.
 Awesome hat or what?  Another great gift.

 And the gift of the year.... "I'd rather be in the Shire" onesie t-shirt with snaps at the crotch.  Now for a story...
I used to sell Under the Nile baby clothing and when I put the organic one-piece suits on my site labeled as o n e s i e s I got a call from Gerber (or whatever company it is) telling me it was a registered trade marked item name.    They opted not to sue me....  good grief.... and just gave me a warning.  Mea culpa.
Now you ask why is HE in a pink onesie (this is a onesie).  Well, first of all it is peach however peach isn't a boy color to me either so let's call it "skin" (no offense to anyone who doesn't have peach skin), but this is what happens when you have a boy. Boys like to GO all the time and much faster than it takes to get a diaper in time.  And I tell you and kid you not, a boy can GO and soak his clothing and the diaper will still be dry.  (that's the punishment of using disposables over cloth.... mea culpa). So anyway, as you could guess, this was bottom o' the barrel onesies.  Life...

Longing for the pool.... best behave :D

We got a little portable swing as this baby likes to move. I'm not a baby swing type person but sometimes it is very helpful... like eating dinner.  I got my phobia of baby swings after seeing a day care with some 30 baby swings in a row going like 60.  It was the saddest thing.  Needless to say Kili is held far too often for that to happen :D
Sam is soon to get his driver's license and someone in the next town over was selling his truck cheaply... After some dickering it was much cheaper and within the range of a 17 year old's budget.  Incidentally, this is a Chevy with a Ford sign in the window... huh?  So those who might be worried, don't worry, it isn't a Ford... only what Same could aFORD.  -haha

it's a Chevrolet :D  And the color is black and rust.  Incidentally the Ford sign has since been scraped off. This is going to be an interesting adventure.
This week the Farmer's Market stand included mulberries and kindling wood... in addition to Frodo's spoons.

Rumor has it that Galadriel is going to try to sell some hobbit cloaks.

A Chicken Mushroom... no joke, they say it tastes and feels like chicken when cooked.... I did not try it.

OR DON'T LIKE ROAD KILL(no we don't eat it)

This Mama Possum was run over (her head) by a car but she had TWELVE babies with her. 
It was the most pathetic site as the babies were trying to ... do whatever baby possums do.
A number of them also were hit or crawled off and died. 

In the meantime as I typed that Frodo brought in 3 abandoned orphaned kittens.  Groan.....


  1. When I was in high school I commuted to summer art classes in the woodlands of central Connecticut. Rain and fog were always tthe weather conditions for my ride home. Poor possums were hit there all the time by motorists. They just freeze when stunned by headlights of a car. Sad. Sometimes you're the killer and you don't want to be.

  2. What a scare with the "snapped" T-shirt sales! Do you suppose all those big companies have people whose job it is--or part of their job anyway-is to just cruise the internet and make sure no one is using their "names" without permission?? What a crazy world we live in! SO glad they just gave you a warning!
    LOVE your summer and baby pictures--thanks! (Well, the possum, not so much, but our dog had a fight with a teenage possum in our back yard and the dog won, so I've seen a dead possum up close and personal. The worst part about THAT was that the possum was LOADED with fleas, and then so was the dog, etc, etc)-:

  3. Stephanie in GermanyJuly 3, 2013 at 4:14:00 AM CDT

    Goodness gracious!
    It is never boring at your house! Sheesh!

    I have a friend here in Germany whose daughter just might be in your neck of the woods for the summer???
    Seen a 17 yr old german girl around?