September 1, 2013

Free Day at the Circus

 Sundays and Mondays in August are free days (with coupon) at the Circus World Museum.  I had forgotten about it so we ended up with a last minute fun day.

 Pippin on a stationary unicycle
 Marigold in front of a Joan of Arc Exhibit.
 Kids viewing a really neat circus replica

 Back in the fancier circus days

 Taking a drink out of the lion's mouth

 First we enjoyed a magic trick show. And a spoof magic trick show. They were hilarious.
 Next we enjoyed a circus show.

 Dog tricks

 The foldable-bendable man.
 He was so flexible he was able to get himself into this box.

 A really funny trampoline act.
 Elephant entertainment

 A clown show.
 This family of 4 from The Czech Republic did a really great unicycle act.

 Trained monkeys

 After we went back to the car for lunch we were entertained by this man.

 I know I caught my breath several times.

 The only thing that cost anything (besides the gas to get there) was the cotton candy. Come on, one cannot go to the circus and not have a bite of cotton candy.

 Merry & Pippin enjoyed trying a tightrope.

 Poppy enjoyed playing with the dress-up costumes.
 So what else would a family of 7 boys and 1 girl do besides form a circus :D  Just think I could have married a circus clown!
We took the ferry to and from the circus and had just a really fun day of it.

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