September 11, 2013

Tomatoes and Giants

 Our very generous neighbor has given up 13 - 5 gallon pails of tomatoes... no kidding! So we've been canning sauce.  For the first bunch of hours we boiled, dipped...
 .... and skinned (de-skinned?) tomatoes.

 Then Samwise comes in, gets this gizmo that we think my parents gave to us a bunch of years ago and in a jiffy he was able to make a sauce ready to boil up for canning. Go figures.
 We made homemade tomato soup and it was SO good.    Today we spent a goodly number of hours working on trying to make tomato paste.  We decided to just can the sauce and boil it down to make spaghetti sauce or whatever when the time comes.  But we did get some paste made to freeze.
 Meanwhile, Frodo has sprouted quite a bit.
Catching up and surpassing Sam.
 I was told this is what I get for taking them to the circus.

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