September 1, 2013

Sweet 16 Birthday

 For Galadriel's Sweet 16, she and Eowyn rode on a 2 hour Schooner Replica Sail Boat.
 I just thought the giant lady bugs crawling up the building were cute.  What will they think of next?
 This is the skeleton of the boat (that is without the sails up... obviously)

 Ok, this was just plain old funny since we've had a rather hot August!
 Galadriel and Eowyn ready to go.
 The complexity of the rigging.

 Just because I thought it was funny. The car was not only loaded with signs about doing what God wants but also loaded with cabbage patch type dolls and playing music.

 This just cracked me up. This is the person who had beautiful long hair tied up in a bun type thing, a beard and tatooed on one arm. I will admit he was quite pretty and handsome at the same time.  In this picture he was putting sunscreen on his tatoos.

 Heading out to sea... which is actually not a sea at all but a Great Lake.
 Was that a pirate flag?!

 The sails going up.
 I am very unsure about this building construction.... thing.

 Really, he had a great time. He had all he could eat and was carried around all evening. What is there to make life any better?

 They returned 2 hours later after having a great time.  They got to help with the rigging and whatever other jobs there are to do on a very large sailing vessel.

 In case you don't believe me there they are :)

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