September 29, 2013

Trip to the City & Zoo

 We took a little afternoon after children's choir to go to the city and the zoo.
 Need I say, our van was the size of the first floor of some of these houses... :D
 Our friend's house was so cute and tiny.  I really couldn't help laugh right out loud when I saw the stove.
 Our friend and her friend (a friend of yours is a friend of mine) put together a fun scavenger hunt while we walked to and from the zoo.  Simple pleasures.
 We started with a country-kids-in-the-city picnic.  It means that you eat without your shoes on  where the houses are very close together....
... and everything becomes monkey bars.

 One of the items on the scavenger hunt was a little kitty door.  No joke, their kitty door is out their front window.
 The houses are so cute and tiny....
 ..... the gardens are cute and efficient....
 .... bicycle parts flowers.... yes, the petals are made of pedals.  *chuckle*
 A cute little round about.
It was sad to hear that the male lion had died since we were last there.
 Llama-shaped bush.
 Tigger taking a nap....
 I love the giraffes and was disappointed that there is no longer a zebra.
 Marigold enjoying the animals. Her disappointment was that she wasn't able to pet any. What kind of places it that?!
 She seemed particularly interested in this here ol' rhino.
 That is some hat!
 A tapir.
 The new barn built at the zoo... that won't be like our barn that's for sure.


 The female rooster and male hen....
 wait... the male rooster and the female hen.
 Me too! I do it!

 I shoulda had a V8
 Now, some day we will most likely have solar panels on a small barn :D
 Poppy excited by a merry-go-round ride.

 Seemed a fitting thing to inherit for Pippin... a clown's nose.
 Kili trying to get moving.
It's really hard to get that belly up and movin'.

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