September 29, 2013

St.Michael's Hobby 'n Eats

 Kili is now 4-1/2 months old.  Merry is his special buddy.
We got a small herd from someone in our homeschooling group.  (since then we got 3 more from one of Aragorn's brothers.... and brought some in to be butchered).  God willing we will eventually have a barn up and be able to milk our cow here at our place.  But it'll continue to be a slow process... hey, we've got 14 mouths to feed.... do the math... we have limited time... but thankfully I have a very hardworking awesome husband.
 These days are hard without Pop.  He would have loved to be here on this day we unloaded these steers.  I can easily imagine his smile and delight.

 I think these days are the hardest yet.... we miss him so much.

 The dogs wondering about these new characters on our farm of misfit animals.

 You won't find anything fancy at our place, but that's alright.

I've named our farmette St. Michael's Hobby 'n Eats.

 The horse was intrigued by the steers....

 .... and by Marigold.


Frodo taking a ride on the cantankerous sulky pony.

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