September 11, 2013

Happy September Birthdays

 The day before Poppy's 4th birthday she ran into my room with glee and said, "Is today 'next day'?  Is today my birthday?"  When I told her that her birthday was "Next day - tomorrow" she burst into tears.  4 is such a time of trials.
 She's absolutely delighted to be 4.
 It was all pink.... of course.
 Her God Parents came over for a visit and brought her a very beautiful Blessed Mother blue parakeet.
 The bird still doesn't have a name but is a very charming singer.
And happy 15th birthday to Eowyn!  It was brownie sundaes for her.

I've been a bit (alot-bit) negligent of my blog lately. We started back to school full-fledged and I think there are about a million subjects to get through. I discovered I needed a special chart just to make sure that we got everything in.  I'm glad that tomorrow is a field trip day.

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  1. Awww, I LOVE Poppy's pink--even the bird cage! And I wouldn't worry too much about being "negligent"---write a post when you can and when it is enjoyable for you. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, but if it ever becomes a "burden" for you to write, then I would think that is the time to quit. Thank you and God bless you!