August 14, 2010


I went into this star gazing of the Perseid Meteor Shower with this image.
Yes, yes, I know, I need a tri-pod but this was all we got of the 3 planets and the moon. Read: We were too late so we missed the moon and 2 planets but this is Venus... in a blur.
And this is all the shower I saw. Sam saw about 5 shooting "stars" before he was eaten alive by mosquitos. I was quite disappointed as I was all set for a real shower. Never google images of meteor showers.... if you are gullible.

But I did get a picture of the back-side of our house. Don't ask why, there is absolutely no reason.

We caught Hippolytus morphing into a butterfly. In my excitement I focused on the soccer ball not Hippy. But you get the idea.

Just like a baby he was all scrunched up.

This was about an hour later.

No, the butterfly didn't morph into a goose.

We missed Hippy taking flight because we went to a really great pool party at the cousins' house.

I'm used to seeing the children swimming only as heads bobbing up and down so it was so funny to watch them swim. They never had lessons they just learned by themselves.

If you can believe it, that is Pippin. I'm not sure what he morphed into.

Happy Birthday Cousin. Check out those cupcakes. Anyone here who knows me knows I didn't frost them. They were soooo pretty.

All the big kids have things to do on Saturdays, so now I get to teach the little guys how to cook. Yes, I do teach my children to cook. And if the truth be told I rarely have to make a meal. Sam was making French Toast at 4. Merry and Pippin are making hot dogs at 4 (and 6). However, if I am going to have to eat a hot dog I want it cooked like it is grilled so that does take special skill. You have to melt the butter just so and then cook them til the brown like on the grill....

Bilbo-the-3/4-potty-trained apparently felt the need to get in on the pictures "Mommy, take pictures of me killing the flies." I am not sure why he chose to use the spray and wipe cleaner since we do have a fly swatter but we don't try to reason with a 2 year old very often.

My little chefs. And they were totally pleased with themselves.

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